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The Blurb Queen – A Review

This post is a tad on the embarrassing side. 

Why? Well, I can write my blurbs – sure. No problem. Seriously, it’s not hard.

What is hard, is an amazing blurb.

Okay, the why’s are getting annoying. Just kidding. A lot of authors feel this way. We’re too close to the story. We just put hours, days, weeks, months, years into writing down this story in 20,000 to 150,000 words (or MORE!). How the heck are we supposed to sum all that up in 300 or less?

Should be simple – pick the most important parts and that’s what you focus on. Right?

Wrong. All the words are important to me! All the plot points and characters are important to me! 


Authors with particular skill sets have been offering their services to other authors. A friend of mine opened up a company offering blurb help.

I’m always leery of hiring people, even my friends. I have no idea why. I think it stems from coming from a family that is more about DIY than most people I know. I think I can save myself money because I can do that, or learn to do that. 

But I’ll tell you what. I know blurbs are my kryptonite. I’m not stupid. And when I need help with something, I acknowledge it. I don’t have time not to.

So my friend opened up The Blurb Queen and I asked her to redo a blurb to see how she would do.

The Blurb Queen Review

Here is the blurb I had for Broken Trails, Book #1 of the Montana Trails series, Clearwater County Collection. 

How broken does a cowboy have to be to accept the healing bands of love?
Nathan Rourke has lost almost everything he holds dear. What he has left, he’ll do anything to keep.
Emma Benson’s health is a burden on her loved ones and reins in her independence. She desperately wants to prove she’s more than her sickness, even if she loses her family.
Almost dying, Emma turns to Nate – even though she desperately doesn’t want to rely on anyone again. Can Nate love Emma enough to give up everything he’s ever needed? Will Emma let him?

Now, stroke my ego just a little bit. It’s not HORRIBLE, right?

Well, here is The Blurb Queen‘s redo:

A lonely cowboy … a woman searching for hope. Can love bring enough healing to carry them through?
Nathan Rourke lost almost everything he holds dear. What he still has, he’ll do anything to keep. His Montana ranch is not just a place, it’s his home and what’s left of his family.  He’s holding his own, making it work.
But then high-school sweetheart Emma reappears … and suddenly this cowboy’s life is as rough as a ride on an untamed bronc.
Emma Benson left high school without a word to Nate, rather than admit she was too ill to go on. Now she’s desperate to prove that she’s more than the disease that keeps her dependent on her family and friends. And she craves just one more chance at love.
Nate embodies the promise of a life free from the confines of her small world. But will loving her mean he must give up his own freedom?
No matter which path they choose, this young couple will be battling the odds.
Saddle up for a ride along Montana trails you’ll never forget—lasso your copy of Broken Trails today!

Um, yeah. I don’t think I need to say anymore than to add – I sent her over the Lonely Lace series blurbs which she redid amazingly and next will be the Worth of Souls series and then the Redemption series. 

Yeah. I can’t afford NOT to use her. 

She has great prices, too.

Here’s her contact info!

The Blurb Queen