• The Broke Billionaire – Sneak Peek

    Kindle The Broke Billionaire From living in a tent to owning her own business, an uptight business owner hires a broke billionaire who’s never worked in customer service. His inexperience could cost her everything including her livelihood but firing him could lose her more than her heart. Tiffany Louise comes from humble beginnings and has

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  • Stranded With the Rockstar

    Kindle Stranded with the Rockstar A stewardess and the world’s favorite rockstar are stranded together in the middle of the ocean. Can these enemies find a way to survive together, or will the bigger battle be for their hearts? Just like thousands of girls, Vivien Stevens watched as her teen idol became the biggest name

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  • The Right Click – Book 7 – Sneak Peek

    Kindle The Right Click The matchmaker and her enemy… There’s another man out to steal her heart. Colin is the successful creator and owner of the controversial matchmaking website. She wants to move into the international market but competition and loneliness thwart her plans. She needs a silent partner to back her ventures. Silent

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