Clean Beach Club Billionaire Series

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He’s got a rep to protect and she belongs to someone else. 

What happens when this wanna-be bad boy convinces a not-so-proper etiquette instructor to sign a contract of marriage that neither wants but both need?

Blake Norris is sick of being coined the Troublemaker of Seattle, the Menace of Manhattan, and the Ladies’ Man of New Orleans. He never did half the things he was reported doing… he just paid someone else to do them for him.

But now one of those escapades has turned into a lawsuit and a grab to be his wife. Escaping to Getaway Bay, Blake runs into Juniper Johnson – or JJ as she haughtily informs him from her spot on his chest where she landed on him.

JJ is stuck being prim and uptight as an etiquette instructor for the private school in Getaway Bay when she’s anything but! She has tie-dyed underwear, for crying out loud! She’s also stuck with her boss’s son attempting to court her in the creepiest of ways. The man would not take no for an answer!

Escaping a suspiciously not-so-random encounter with the brash man, JJ rushes off and straight into Blake who she claims as her fiancé when she’s caught. He takes it further and announces their marriage to the world.

Will Blake and JJ be able to escape the bonds of fake matrimony or will they lose their hearts in the process?

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A blind billionaire and a scarred event planner work to deliver Christmas to Getaway Bay. Will they find love amidst the mistletoe and sand?

Damien Massey lost his sight in an accident during the holiday season when he was young. He’s since set about building an empire and a fortune helping businesses improve their facilities for those with disabilities. His firm is hired to make Sweet Breeze Hotel more user friendly. To thank the owner for his business, Damien wants to plan a Christmas gala and he seeks out the best in event organization to help him plan it.

Sage Williams carries a jagged scar down the side of her face from a holiday tragedy that claimed everything. She hides from the world because of the pain. Normally capable of planning a party – or any event – without leaving the safety of her office, Sage is delighted to get Damien’s business until she sees the stipulations. He demands to meet in person – multiple times – and he’s a good-looking fan of Christmas. Things shift and she’s not sure why. Christmas has never been a friend to her, why would she start feeling differently now?

Will Sage prove Christmas is only out to get her, or will she get caught up in Damien’s holiday spirit and fall in love?

He can’t see her beauty but he can heal her heart – if she’ll let him.

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She can help him with his secret or destroy his reputation.  He’s not the only one seeking anonymity.

A part-time private tutor is hired to teach a financial guru the ins and outs of reading. When their secrets are threatened they have to lean on each other or risk their hearts and their reputations.

Cassidy Storm is a celebrity scandal blogger by day and Cassidy Ann, a private tutor, by night. She’s worked hard to get the momentum going for her career and she risks everything for the juicy tidbits she can find in Getaway Bay.

She still has to pay the bills and tutoring at night is a safe way to do that while she waits for the “big” scandal to bring in the money.

When she’s hired to Sweet Breeze Hotel and Resort and sent to the penthouse suite for six weeks, she’s surprised to find her student isn’t a spoiled child, but rather him – Maddox Neelson III.

Known as the financial Thor of their generation, Maddox rolled into his billions effortlessly. Only his gut instinct kept him safe when he trusted the wrong people to manage his business. With millions lost because of the betrayal of those closest to him, Maddox decides to overcome his dyslexia. The only problem is hiding his weakness from the world until after it has become his strength.

When Cassidy Ann walks in, Maddox doesn’t want her to know his biggest fault. But when she treats him with kindness, his confidence is boosted and he realizes he has to learn to trust someone to be successful in life…and love.

But has he decided to trust the wrong person again and left his heart open to more pain and betrayal?

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From living in a tent to owning her own business, an uptight business owner hires a broke billionaire who’s never worked in customer service. His inexperience could cost her everything including her livelihood but firing him could lose her more than her heart.

Tiffany Louise comes from humble beginnings and has clawed her way to owning a modest business on wheels. Ready to take on an employee, Tiffany can’t find anyone willing to work for her.

Desperate to increase the hours of operation for her shave ice truck and also… not to feel so alone, Tiffany staples ads all over the place, which doesn’t win her any love in the community. She’s only gotten as far as she has through sheer force of will and monumental control – and the townsfolk know it.

Just when she thinks nothing can go her way, her luck changes when she convinces the charismatic Kaelin Steed to take the job, the confident and charming beach comber she sees every day.

Kaelin Steed has lost everything in a family legal battle for billions and he’s returned to his grandmother’s hometown in the small town of Getaway Bay. Unwilling to use his autonomy to get ahead, Kaelin takes the last job anyone in town will consider – working for the shrewish shave ice truck owner with green eyes and unruly red hair.

Kaelin just wants a steady check but his inexperience and cocky attitude, not to mention inability to be subservient, could cost them both their goals and their dreams.

Chaos won’t be tolerated, but around Kaelin, Tiffany feels more out of control than the storms over the ocean.

Falling in love isn’t an option when eating their next meal is on the line.