About Bonnie

Media Kit for Bonnie R. Paulson

Bonnie Paulson Media Kit

It’s all about survival – but not just the end of the world, no, Paulson takes it a step further and brings your heart into it.

Not sure if you should be so emotionally involved? Trust me, you can commit here. It’s a safe place.

Open yourself to love, loss, and guaranteed plot twists. Your heart is safe.

Your emotions might not be.

Everyone deserves a happy ending – even if it’s only a happy-for-now!


Some more fun facts about Bonnie:
 – Dirt biking is a hobby.  No, changing diapers is not – that’s a vocation.

– Favorite food?  Chocolate of course, the darker the better – then Italian anything!

– Favorite thing to do?  Be with my family and Hubs!  He is the best!

– Bonnie is licensed as a Radiologic Technologist (R.T.)

– Six kids run her all over the place and keep her sane.