Dear Tooth Fairy


Dear Giselle,

I drove today with my kids in the back – you know who they are. My middle child asked about you. Well, they were all talking about the tooth fairy because #4 just lost his first tooth and he pulled it himself and he got a couple dollars from you because he was so brave and awesome.
You are the topic of conversation in the back. And #3 asks, “Mom, is the tooth fairy really-real?”
And I paused, not in my driving, but in smiling at their conversation. I always promised to be honest with any of their questions, that I would never lie to them when they asked me something.
But how do I honestly answer that?
How do I tell them that I named you when my then-two-year-old and three-year-old asked me what your name was. I’d just finished watching Enchanted with Patrick Dempsey. Giselle just kind of came out.
But then I started texting you and calling you and discussing the kids’ teeth with you and if they’ve been good or not and what they wanted for their lost teeth.
We became friends.

And now, as my child is asking if you’re really real, I have to face the possibility that you might not be.

But how is that possible? How can that be?
If you’re not real, then my children have grown up on me. They’ve lost the sparkly excitement of waiting for you to come. They’ve lost the naivete that their teeth are worth money, that their efforts are worth something.
My answer to my child who asked was, “All I know is that if you stop believing, she’ll stop coming.”
That sobered them all. All of them. They all took a moment to process that and then each in turn declared that they still believe in you.
Which brought out relief for me. I sighed.
So for a while longer, Giselle, I get to keep you. I get to keep calling you and talking to you. We get to stay friends.
And when the day comes that we have to say goodbye? I won’t cry too long, because soon after, I’ll have grandchildren to introduce you to and maybe, once in a while, my kids will let me call you – just for old times’ sake.
Love, this Mom who already misses you.

Author: Bonnie R. Paulson

It's all about Survival.

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