Hidden Trails is HERE and it’s a tear jerker!

There’s always that book that makes you cry, most of the time I’m moved by the books I write. But Hidden Trails… wow… it’s a combination of two stories pushing each other forward (Thanks to Jodi for that very accurate description).

And it’s here!

Hidden Trails, Book 4

The Montana Trails series, Clearwater County Collection

When a desperate cowgirl faces the loss of her childhood home she loves beyond reason, a pauper-turned-Prince from her past returns and whips her problems from devastating to heartbreaking. Can they ever accept their hidden potential or are they destined to ride through life alone?3D_Hidden_Trails_front w spine

The only thing Stephanie wants is stability in a life where she doesn’t lose everyone and everything she loves. When her older brother puts the only home she’s ever known up for sale because he needs the money to save his wife, Stephanie has to do something, anything, everything to protect her home – and her family.

In rides Drake, Stephanie’s brother-in-law and Stephanie’s long lost dream. He’s back with money and charm. Everything Stephanie wants, Drake is hell bent on taking away.

If they can’t work together, they might lose more than just land and family. They might lose their one chance at love.

Grab this heart-wrenching tale and get lassoed into everlasting love.








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