Love Notes is coming!

There’s so much fun coming!

First, have you signed up on the right hand side (or at the very bottom, if you’re on a mobile device?). You don’t want to miss the daily installments when they start!

Our first serial, will be a standalone story called LOVE NOTES.

At any point, you will be able to purchase the whole book, but where’s the fun in that?

If you come back everyday at the SAME time, you won’t miss any of it! If you sign up on the side, you’ll even get daily reminders (but you have to add the email address to your contact list so it’s accepted). This is a fun romance with quirky characters.

Once Love Notes is finished, and whether it’s received well or not, I’ll put up another one! This time, we might do a western! Like Stryder. I’m so excited for that series.

So! This will start on March 15th and go until it’s done. I hope you enjoy it! As always you know you can email me with any questions.


Love Notes

He was a rock star with one last chance.

She was the bartender holding his dreams in her hands.

Ryker changed his image to succeed at singing in a large band once before. With little payoff.

His new band isn’t asking much, at least not at first, not something that would hurt him on a personal level.

At least, until he considers Nikki.

But Nikki, oh Nikki, with curves like a guitar who understands what working for a dream really means. His only obstacle to every other desire he’s ever sacrificed for – not his ex-band, not his ex-friend, not the Alzheimer’s slowly taking his mom, not even the façade of being the gay lead singer in an all-gay band.

Just Nikki.

But Nikki has dreams of her own. And catering to a man who cares entirely too much about what others think isn’t in her game plan. He could be an integral part of her goals – her hopes, but not hiding who is he and what he wants.

Yet, sadly, that’s the funny thing about dreams. Sometimes they change. Sometimes they become less about him and all about her. Or less about her and all about him.

Odds are they don’t change at the same time.

If his dreams change, will hers?

Author: Bonnie R. Paulson

It's all about Survival.

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