Montana Trails Family Tree

Family Tree per book and who is with who and the book to find them in.

Family Tree or Grouping

Montana Trails



Nathan Broken Trails, Book 1 with Emma

Untamed Trails, Book 10 with Lily

Stefanie Hidden Trails, Book 4 with Drake

Hannah Lost Trails, Book 9 with Zander



Jareth Forbidden Trails, Book 2 with Cyan

Kyle Unbridled Trails, Book 3 with Sherri

Ruby Forsaken Trails, Book 7 with Sloan



Ryland Endless Trails, Book 6 with Amy

Damon Forgotten Trails, Book 5 with Rachiah



(not family, close friends)

Rachiah Forgotten Trails, Book 5 with Damon

Maverick (MT) Lonesome Trails, Book 8 with Morgan

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