How to Reach Your “Can” Potential

We’re each capable of so much.

Our potential far exceeds our own understanding.

 I tried explaining this to my children yesterday when they got in trouble for something. I can see their potential – or at least a small piece of it.
I don’t think I, as their mother, can even see their true capabilities.
I don’t think anyone can.

But when they say to me, “Mom, I can’t do this or that or I just can’t.”

I want to throw my hands in the air and scream.

When you say you can’t do something, guess what?

You can’t.

You will never be able to.

You’ve already made up your mind and nothing is more powerful than your mind on what you’re going to do.

But if you say, I’ll try? Or I can learn? Anything that opens up your ladder to reaching your potential?

Watch the heights you CAN reach.

I explained to them yesterday that the best way to meet their potential is to

say Can.

Or Try.

Or believe that they’re amazing.

Because my babies are amazing.

People are amazing.

We have so much potential.


You have so much potential.


Don’t limit it with Can’t.


Let it impress you with Can.


Because you’re more amazing than even you know.

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