Sweet Seattle Mafia Romance series

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The Forbidden Step-Brother

No one wants a mob princess as their child’s kindergarten teacher.

Come to the dark side, where the romance is sweet and thrilling…

My new step-brother is the same man I danced with under the stars and teased in the parking lot with promises of what-if – a week ago! I never thought I’d see him again so I said and did things I DON’T do in my real life.

He’s calling me out on being a fraud, but I have responsibilities that the real me will mess up and two families I can’t embarrass. As if that wasn’t enough, I’m expected to accept Leonardo Capone as part of one of those families.

Now I have to explain to my dad, the head of THE Rossi family, why I don’t want to marry the men he offers me. Papa will never forgive me, if I marry a Capone. He still hasn’t recovered from his ex-wife doing exactly that.

The REAL ME is warring with who I NEED to be… and she’s winning.

Be careful, Mia Rossi, your heart is on the line and your step-brother might be the one to run away with it.

CLUE #4!

Here is an unedited excerpt from THE SUPER SECRET SERIES, BOOK 1. I’m so excited!


Something in his eyes told me he was as surprised as I was and as deeply affected. He grabbed me by the elbows and twirled us into small nook between the bathrooms. My hip hit a decorative vase that stood to my waist, but I didn’t look away from Leonardo.

“What are you doing here? I… I don’t understand. I thought you were in Portland.” Seeing him, I couldn’t believe I’d been able to leave.

He searched my face as if he hadn’t seen anything as beautiful in a long time. I blushed at the way he looked at me. I had no makeup on. He had to think me plain and yet he didn’t stop looking at me. He raised his hand, running a knuckle down the side of my cheek. “Cara, you’re so beautiful.” His husky voice pulled at me and I leaned in, eager for another kiss like the one we’d shared under the stars.

Leaning down, he pressed his warm mouth to mine and for the briefest moment I could imagine both Mia’s being happy, being loved just for being her.

We broke apart, panting and I self-consciously smoothed my hair. “I’m here for dinner with my mother. Are you…” I didn’t know how to ask if he was there with another woman. Although, if he was, that sucked for her since he was by the bathrooms making out with me.

Or maybe that sucked for me. I wasn’t sure.

I readjusted my purse on my shoulder and glanced around the small piece of the restaurant I could see, searching for a woman who would have a claim on a man like Leonardo.

“I’m here for dinner with my father. I’m glad there’s no one else that you’re searching for, Mia.” He reached down and placed his hand on the small of my back, gently guiding me into the dining area.

I stepped away from him when we reached the hostess stand and murmured, quietly, “I’m here for the Rogers party.” I looked back at Leonardo and offered him a sad flirty smile. I didn’t know when I would see him again, but maybe I could slip him my phone number before we left that night. I was already late to dinner with my mom.

As I followed the woman in the black apron and white shirt, I searched the room but really wanted to turn around and run back into Leonardo’s strong arms. I fit there, perfectly. Why couldn’t my dad set me up for a blind date with him? That would make everything better and I would have the Rossi’s blessing which meant no problems for me and my family.

The woman pointed toward a chair at a table for four and as I pulled out the seat I blinked in surprise. My mom pulled her head away from kissing a good-looking, man with eyes I’d seen before, but I couldn’t place them.

She giggled – my mom giggled! – and then pressed her hand to her mouth when she spotted me. “Mia. I… Um…” She pushed from her chair and the man next to her stood as well, his cheeks crimson but he was otherwise unaffected.

Then he looked past me and smiled nervously at someone approaching the table. Maybe the server was already there. I wouldn’t mind ordering some good Italian wine at that point.

I turned and my polite smile froze on my face.

Why was Leonardo being ushered to the same table I was?

CLUE #3!

The Rossi family is based in Seattle, Washington with all kinds of rival families! 

When Mia starts to fall for a Capone (gasp!) she has more than just their rivalry to fight. With family obligations and responsibilities she can’t shirk, Mia has more on her plate than just losing her heart.

Writing this book put me right in the middle of Italian family traditions. Needless to say, food is a huge part of that!

Mia loves to eat and many restaurants in the Little Italy area of Seattle are owned by traditional Italian families.

Here is a fun recipe that is featured in book 1 with Mia and the man I reveal next week! He’s as delicious as this traditional style Tiramisu!

Check out the dessert and get ready! The Rossi family story is just around the corner!


CLUE #2!

The Rossi family is broken but has potential. With multiple siblings vying for their father’s attention in the “family” business, there’s only one way to get ahead.

Sometimes these Rossis do things they don’t want to do and other times they rebel – like when they want to marry someone that their father would never approve of, or fall for someone their father handpicked for them.

With rival families fighting for territory in their city, Mia Rossi, our heroine from book 1, has to decide if she’s ready to fall for the enemy or if she’s going to ignore her heart.

Stay tuned for more clues to the Rossi family saga coming soon!

Preorder book 1, if you dare!

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I’ve been sworn to secrecy by, well, myself. And as much as I want to share the Rossi Family secrets with you – I have been forbidden to do so.

You’re one of the first to know that I’m in love with these sweet contemporary romances that cover a family wrapped up in intrigue and sweet twists. You’ll love the dark emotion and heartache as you journey with them to find love and redemption.

It’s like a dark chocolate truffle – so delicious and decadent!

Are you ready to take a leap with me?

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Seriously, I think I want to make this family my own!

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