The Redemption Series – New Covers!

I’m not sure how many covers I’ve been through with this series.

These were the first ones. I love these! They show you the different sisters and the western feel. But they’re missing the romance aspect of the series.


Here was the next evolution.

And again, absolutely beautiful! These fit my brand so well. I love them so much.

But again, I need more romance, right?














So more romance! But now these covers are so dark but have gorgeous horses! Love that, right? But they still didn’t feel right.

So, this happened… and I have to say, they finally feel like RIGHT.

What do you think?















Aren’t they gorgeous???

Grab them! They are even better when you read them!

Romancing Redemption

Riding for Redemption

Resisting Redemption

Regretting Redemption

Rewarding Redemption

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