The Route to Freedom Pass – Worth of Souls EXTRA!

So I wrote this amazing series (Worth of Souls) that I crazily cross genres in while I’m in the middle of it.

Yep, big no-no.

  • Book 1 – Cost of Survival – is apocalyptic, meaning the world is falling down around this girl’s ears. She’s seventeen and trying to escape the fallout of World War III with her mom. But they run from danger into worse danger.
  • Book 2 – Exchange Rate – is set about a year and a half later and closer to a dystopic when the war is over and the communities are settling around her.
  • Book 3 – Worth of Souls – is the conclusion to that series and there’s more of a dystopic-optimism in the ending than a finality of apocalyptic fiction.
 That’s my short rundown to get you up to speed.
In Exchange Rate (book 2), Kelly learns of a rumor of a community that has electricity. She hasn’t seen artificial lighting since initially escaping the bombings. She and her companions have to travel a route that is real.
Here’s the crazy thing.

I Google Mapped it, not that Kelly would have that resource – I actually believe Google will survive the end of the world. Not sure why, but let’s be honest, Google and Amazon will still be standing while the rest of the world drops into the Dark Ages.


 Anyway, I digress. I Google Mapped the back roads route to Fourth of July Pass from Bayview, ID and got this beautiful rendering of how she would travel to get there. Then, I went to travel it with my family and tried to pull up the same route on my Maps App and they wouldn’t even acknowledge that there was a back way.
Well, thankfully, I saved the map as a jpg and printed it off. I desperately wanted to have the map and some pictures from the trail Kelly traveled, get a taste for what she and the guys would travel through. It’s beautiful, too, by the way.

Here’s her map. You can see how long it will take to travel by foot – that’s if you don’t have to worry about people chasing you and other dangers – like Kelly does.


Here’s a trail she travels between curves in the road.  You can see it just as it narrows and goes over a kelly hump. (I caught that play on words!)

Here’s a bridge and creek that she uses in Book 3.

This is a cluster of creeks and springs as they converge to make up a large small river. The area she travels is just amazing.

If you go hiking, don’t forget these important, life-saving items.

  • First Aid kit
  • Contact device – GPS, phone, etc.
  • Rain gear
  • Pocket mylar blanket

What’s your favorite place to hike or camp by? Do you have it mapped?

Stay Alive!

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